New Whitepapers Examine Trends in Consumer Electronics

by Parks Associates | May. 9, 2012

New whitepapers released examining trends in digital gaming, mobile payment, getting over-the-top video right, and data-driven video discovery evolution.

The Trends in Digital Gaming: Free-to-Play, Social, and Mobile Games whitepaper examines the impact of this increase in the number of gamers and new monetization options created by mobile gaming.

Mobile Payment - Stepping into Uncharted Territory whitepaper looks at the disruptive force of mobile payments and emerging business opportunities for new and established players, from Google to Square to Barnes & Noble.

Getting Over-the-Top Video Right whitepaper, sponsored by Siemens CMT, looks at current OTT video solutions, requirements for success in this market, and analysis of consumer research on their expectations and current usage of video solutions.

The Data-driven Video Discovery Evolution examines the phenomenon of video fragmentation and evaluates how an effective search and recommendation solution can benefit service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and content owners in creating a more highly personalized and revenue-beneficial experience.

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