Thursday, June 13, 2019

New research shows DIY is on the rise

New research from Parks Associates reveals at the end of 4Q 2018, 28 percent of U.S. broadband households reported the presence of an active security system, up from 26 percent in 4Q 2017, with 24 percent having professional monitoring.

What is interesting, though, is Parks’ Connected Trends & Disruption in Home Security reports that 52 percent of households that are highly likely to purchase a security system in the next 12 months plan to buy a system that is self-installed.

“Professional installation continues to be the dominant choice for home security systems, but self-installation continues to experience growth,” Dina Abdelrazik, senior analyst, Parks Associates, said in the announcement. “Self-install security systems have made a mark. Self-installed security solutions have the potential to significantly lower the cost of security and, in doing so, expand the market beyond that which is currently serviced by the professionally monitored security industry.”

From the article "New research shows DIY is on the rise" by Paul Ragusa.

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