Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Netflix's U.S. Market Share Slips as Competition Looms enjoys the No. 2 spot, with 52.9% share of U.S. viewers for its Prime Video service, which reaches an estimated 96.5 million people. AT&T comes in No. 4, with 23.1 million viewers using its HBO Now service. The forthcoming HBO Max, which is expected to cost more but include even more content than HBO Now, is on track to launch in early 2020.

Viewer figures differ from subscriber metrics because many households share a single subscription among multiple users. Many people also share accounts with friends and family outside of their immediate households, a problem that the industry will want to address, as this behavior could translate into $12.5 billion in lost revenue by 2024, according to recent estimates from Parks Associates.

From the article "Netflix's U.S. Market Share Slips as Competition Looms" by Evan Niu.

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