Friday, July 20, 2012

More People Watching Online Videos Through Smart TV

This year alone, 56% of the owners of smart TV sets have accessed some sort of videos through an internet connection. This info is disclosed by Parks Associates who performed the media research. This figure has gone up from 40% 2 years ago. The video watching through internet connection on large TV screens is up by 30% in last six months only. If you consider watching premium videos, the viewership is evenly divided between TV (32%) and movies (30%).

The organization making the survey, Parks Associates believe that there will be even more activity due to the fact that nearly 50% of the HDTV content aired in 2012 will become available on internet. The research analyst Pietro Macchiarella at Park Associates stated that, the device when in use offers support for a range of players such as broadcasters, pay-TV providers and over-the-top video providers.

Parks further indicated that about 71% people watch the online TV at least once every month. This figure is also moving up from 51% last year. In addition to this, 75% of the smart TV owners in US watch the on-demand movies online every month as compared to 57% in 2011. An earlier report from Strategy Analytics showed that the owners of smart TVs were a little slow when it came to watching videos through web-connected platforms.

From the article, "More People Watching Online Videos Through Smart TV." 

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