Friday, December 05, 2008

Mobile advertiser claims to offer Flash ads for iPhone

SlashGearA mobile advertising platform is claiming to be able to offer Flash adverts on the iPhone, although the method by which they do so is unknown. Greystripe offer advertisers standard IAB-format flash adverts and “tailgate” games, in which promoted content is added into downloadable content.

"Mobile has long been in need of a scalable advertising model and Greystripe's new ad formats resolve that issue on the iPhone," said Michael Cai, Director of Digital Media and Gaming at Parks Associates. "Using the iPhone's revolutionary platform, Greystripe has solved the serving, reporting, third-party tracking and, best of all, ad creation problems that have plagued the mobile advertising industry since inception."

From the article, "Mobile advertiser claims to offer Flash ads for iPhone" by Chris Davies

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