Thursday, June 15, 2017

Marketing could reveal AT&T’s future TV priorities, analyst says

Brett Sappington, senior director of research at Dallas-based Parks Associates, said that how AT&T markets and invests in DirecTV Now during the second half of 2017 could provide an indication as to how it will prioritize streaming TV moving forward. The Dallas telco otherwise has reason to play its preferences close to its chest, Sappington said.

“If you’ve hired someone to be in charge of DirecTV Now, you don’t want to tell them, ‘you’re a nice-to-have, but traditional is where we’re focusing our business,’” he said.

Sappington said that indicators could include whether and to what extent AT&T packages original content specifically for DirecTV Now and how licensing deals are structured to equip the service with the best options for consumers. Bundling options and every day marketing investments will also be an indicator. The company is already offering DirecTV Now as a $10 add-on for unlimited wireless plans.

From the article "Marketing could reveal AT&T’s future TV priorities, analyst says" by Shawn Shinneman.

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