Tuesday, January 29, 2013

M2M Gateway Helps Solve Energy Concerns

At this event, energy producers and distributors will be able to learn more about Demand Response solutions which can reduce energy demand during occasional and temporary peak demand periods. Demand response programs offer incentives to businesses and homes that participate by temporarily reducing their electricity use when demand outpaces supply. According to one report, it is estimated that a 5% lowering of demand would have resulted in a 50% price reduction during the peak hours of the California electricity crisis in 2000/2001.

Businesses and consumers are increasingly interested in energy solutions that will decrease costs. Recent research from Parks Associates revealed that home owners rank energy management and monitoring as two of the most desired features for connected home services.

The use of smart energy gateways, such as the Systech SysLINK, greatly increases the effectiveness of demand response programs. By automatically reducing power consumption of the most power-hungry devices, such as air conditioning and pool pumps, cost savings can be realized without user intervention.

From the article, "M2M Gateway Helps Solve Energy Concerns."


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