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Lucent, PersonalGenie Platinum Sponsors of CONNECTIONS™2000.

Dallas, TX—Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group has announced it Platinum sponsorship of CONNECTIONS™ 2000:  Advancing the Networked Home, hosted by Parks Associates and CABA in San Diego, CA, May 3-5, 2000.

"With its innovations in both wireless and hardwired (structured wiring) solutions, Lucent Technologies is positioned to be a driving force in this market," said Tricia Parks, president of Parks Associates.  "Parks Associates has watched the home networking market from the beginning, and Lucent Technologies has been one of the major factors in its accelerated growth.  We are pleased to have Lucent participating at CONNECTIONS™ ."

Lucent makes home phoneline networking chips that run at up to 10 Mbps per second, is a founding member of the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) and is a co-author of the HomePNA's 2.0 joint specification for 10 Mbps home networking.  It also designs and manufactures IEEE 802.11-compatible chipsets for the wireless local area networking market. These chips enable wireless home networking and local area network connections that run at speeds of up to 11 Mbps per second.  Additionally, it is a promoter of the Bluetooth SIG and designs and manufactures chipsets and modules for Bluetooth applications.  These radio-frequency solutions provide wireless and Internet connectivity between a myriad of electronic devices such as laptop computers, hand-held communicators and cellular phones.

CONNECTIONS™ has been the premier forum to discuss these networking efforts and specifications since its inception.  This annual conference started in 1996 as the first event to cover home networks and gateways exclusively.  Lucent Technologies is a natural fit with this leading home-networking conference, especially as this industry is poised to promulgate in the residential market.

"Lucent is uniquely positioned to accelerate the introduction and deployment of home networking applications," said John Dickson, executive vice president and CEO of Lucent Technologies Microelectronics and Communications Technologies.   "The breadth of our networking capability, backed by a stream of Bell Labs innovations, enables us to offer an unmatched portfolio of home networking solutions."

"Lucent Technologies' efforts in home networking have been significant," said Ron Zimmer, executive director of CABA.  "The Company's expertise will lend itself very well to the atmosphere at CONNECTIONS™ 2000, where we will see and discuss home networking as it has begun to take shape in the mass market."

Parks Associates and CABA also welcomed PersonalGenie as a Platinum sponsor at CONNECTIONS™ 2000:  Advancing the Networked Home.  This event gives the 500-plus delegates who are attending the conference a unique opportunity to see PersonalGenie's solutions for the connected home.

We are going to CONNECTIONS™2000 because our technology makes the networked home truly useful and marketable," said Sylvia Tidwell Scheuring, CEO of PersonalGenie.  "It's wonderful that my coffee maker and my alarm clock can now talk to each other, but I don't want to program them to do that.  PersonalGenie programs my devices automatically to fit my needs and my lifestyle.  It makes my networked home simple and convenient.  And that's what consumers have been waiting for."

PersonalGenie is an Application Service Provider offering turnkey personalization solutions for smart devices, Internet portals, and e-commerce.  Using it Digital Portrait technology, consumers create portraits of themselves, describing their personality and interests.  PersonalGenie uses similar technology to automatically create Digital Portraits of their clients' products and services, and then uses the portraits to match products and services to consumers' needs.  PersonalGenie's Digital Portrait technology is unique because the portraits are intelligent and adaptive, becoming more accurate over time.  Companies that use PersonalGenie's technology enjoy a competitive advantage in offering their customers more choice, more convenience and more personalized service.

"We're delighted to have PersonalGenie as a platinum sponsor for CONNECTIONS™," stated Tricia Parks, president of Parks Associates.   "Their software solution addresses significant issues about how consumers will manage the complexity of their increasingly 'digital' world in the future."

From the article "Lucent, PersonalGenie Platinum Sponsors of CONNECTIONS™2000."

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