Thursday, August 14, 2014

Look, Best Buy outed its Peq home automation hub on YouTube

With Peq offering a monthly service plan that puts Best Buy’s offering in the same category of Lowe’s Iris, which also charges $9.99 per month for features that link multiple devices together and go beyond a certain number of alerts each month. Of course, the number of hubs on the market is proliferating daily, as are the number of ways one can purchase elements to build a smart home.

It’s something I’ve covered in depth, but on Thursday I saw research from Parks Associates estimating that nearly 4 percent of U.S. households will have a smart home controller by the end of 2014, with an estimated increase to nearly 6 percent by 2015. But the value is less in these controllers than in becoming the platform that controls all of a home’s connected devices.

From the article, "Look, Best Buy outed its Peq home automation hub on YouTube" by Stacey Higginbotham.

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