Monday, November 28, 2011

Kindle Fire Goes Head to Head With iPad

With the holiday season upon us, Parks Associates has unveiled an appropriate report, titled “Consumer Decision Process: Holiday Intentions.” The most interesting facet of the report is in regards to the consumer reaction to the newly-released Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon: among all households who say they intend to buy a consumer electronics product, 51% would choose the $199 Fire, while 49% opt for the $499 iPad 2. When demographics are broken out, however, things change. Older customers continued to prefer the Amazon product, while higher income and higher education consumers go for the iPad. Finally, among shoppers who say they are likely to buy a tablet by the end of the year, 62% intend to come home with the iPad, while only 38% plan to purchase the Fire.

From the article, "Kindle Fire Goes Head to Head With iPad."

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