Friday, August 16, 2013

Internet-Based TV Service May Not Change The Cable Market

DAN BOBKOFF: Sony is thought to be working on a kind of virtual cable service that will let you subscribe to cable channels directly from its game consoles and TVs. All you need is a good Internet connection. Brett Sappington researches consumer technology with Parks Associates.

BRETT SAPPINGTON: They're looking to become the hub of the living room and not just in games but really on all aspects of entertainment.

BOBKOFF: The deal will be the first time a network owner like Viacom strikes a deal with a technology company like Sony instead of a traditional TV provider like Time-Warner or Comcast. News of the deal was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. A source at one of the companies didn't deny the report. But officially, Viacom and Sony would not comment. If it happens, it's a big deal because Silicon Valley is in an arms race to see who can invent the future of television first.

Besides Sony, Intel, Microsoft, Apple and Google are all known to be working on projects with many trying to launch by the end of the year. Sappington says it's a sign that the traditional TV business model is starting to fray.

SAPPINGTON: The market has really become unsettled. Consumers are now consuming content in different ways than they have been in the past.

From the interview, "Internet-Based TV Service May Not Change The Cable Market."

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