Insights into Independent Living Solutions with Tyto Care

by Parks Associates | Aug. 7, 2018

Prior to the 5th-annual Connected Health Summit, hosted by Parks Associates, David Bardan, VP of Provider Solutions, Tyto Care sat down with the firm's analyst team to discuss independent living solutions in the connected health market.

David will participate on the Virtual Visits: Expanding Reach and Functionality panel on Wednesday, August 29, at 4:30 PM. Panelists who will join him on this session include:

Andrew Altorfer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CirrusMD
Peter Antall, Chief Medical Officer, American Well
Chuck Hector, Chief Sales Officer, MDLIVE, Inc.
Prentiss Taylor M.D., VP of Medical Affairs, Doctor On Demand

What’s new in 2018 that keeps you upbeat/optimistic about the connected health market?
Recently announced policy initiatives, including proposed enhancements to reimbursement and payment programs for telehealth and connected health programs, demonstrate the increasing acceptance of remote care as a vehicle for high-quality, convenient, and cost-effective patient-centered care. We have also seen a huge increase in health systems, employers, and payers adopting telehealth and devices to connect patients to physicians for improved access to quality health care. We expect consumer awareness and utilization to increase as well, and an overall improvement in patient access, outcomes, and satisfaction.

What’s the most effective strategy/approach you have seen that engages consumers for health & wellness behavioral changes?
Products that put health in the hands of consumers. This includes not only wearable devices, but also devices and apps that provide information as well as consulting and support for diagnosis to help consumers know how to improve their health. From diet to exercise to monitoring health conditions like diabetes and blood pressure, consumers are able to take more control over their health and the health of their family than ever before.

What independent living solutions will help keep people in their homes longer?
With access to tools that can help both monitor health and connect with care teams from home, patients have more control to manage chronic conditions and will spend fewer hours traveling to urgent care settings or unnecessary appointments. There are apps to remind seniors to take their medications, to connect to their physicians for consults, and to monitor medical conditions in the home. Monitors and motion detectors can alert families if a loved one has fallen or is inactive. Solutions like Tyto can help patients stay connected to their physicians from home, enabling doctors to monitor their patients' health remotely to help keep them healthy and let them know when an in-person visit to the doctor or ER is warranted.

How is AI in health helping to improve the care experience?
In telehealth we see AI helping to better monitor patients and diagnose conditions, and helping detect abnormalities that are less distinguishable by humans. AI can help with radiology and diagnostics to better detect certain diseases. As the quantities of exam data accumulated with connected devices is growing, the ability to predict outcomes and improve diagnoses and care is becoming increasingly significant.

How will innovations in connectivity, such as the emergence of 5G, impact the health market?
With increased connectivity, more information and data can be transferred in real time, which means increased access to information and solutions that can help patients get the care they need, when and where they need it. Additionally, as coverage expands, patients living in geographical areas that previously had limited connectivity will be able to use telehealth and other digital health tools.

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