Identity & Data Theft Among Highest Security Concerns in U.S. Broadband Households

by Parks Associates | Nov. 3, 2015

New research by Parks Associates finds that 76% of U.S broadband households are very concerned about their data security and personal privacy when using connected devices. The firm’s new consumer research, The Demand for Device and Network Security, reveals identity and data theft are among the highest security concerns; however, despite these concerns, only 6% of U.S broadband households have experienced those problems in the last year.

Commenting on the new data, Parks Associates research analyst Patrice Samuels said, “Broadband providers that offer security software often license the software from security software companies. These offerings are likely not heavily promoted because they do not generate revenue for the company, but providers could increase subscriber satisfaction and stickiness by increasing awareness of these offerings and even creating a premium level that includes an additional fee.”

Additional research from the new report shows:

  • Nearly one-fifth of U.S. broadband households own a smart home device.
  • More than 50% of U.S. broadband households are interested in various security and privacy support services.
  • Over 80% of broadband service providers are unaware that their provider offers complimentary Internet security services.

For more information on this research, see Parks Associates’ The Demand for Device and Network Security research.

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