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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Icontrol Networks Announces Integration of WeatherBug Home

Today, Icontrol Networks announced a new partnership with Earth Networks, which centers around the integration of WeatherBug Home into Icontrol’s Developer Program.

Icontrol Networks, a leader in interactive security and home automation will offer Earth Network’s big data intelligence, proprietary weather data, and energy usage analytics to its customers. “The program let’s customers offer a new level of automation,” said the company’s CEO, Bob Hagerty. 

WeatherBug Home’s products use connected thermostats and other devices to autonomously conserve home energy use. According to a recent study, consumers energy cost savings averaged 16.5% when they used a connected thermostat integrated with WeatherBug Home than a standard thermostat. The integration of WeatherBug Home into Icontrol’s Developer Program will allow Icontrol’s customers to offer their consumers smarter energy management services to their consumers in order to reduce costs, without sacrificing comfort. 

The 2016 Smart Energy Summit, taking place this week in Austin, will bring together WeatherBug Home and other key companies in the smart home, energy, and IoT spaces to address consumer engagement strategies and residential energy management market developments. The event provides businesses with networking opportunities and examines partnerships and new business solutions that leverage the growing consumer demand for energy efficiency products and services.

Parks Associates would like to thank WeatherBug Home for supporting this year's event:

WeatherBug Home combines data from more than 10,000 Earth Networks weather stations with customer energy use information and a comprehensive set of analytics to bring a new approach to residential energy efficiency. The WeatherBug Home ScoreCard is an easy-to-understand monthly report analyzing consumer’s energy use compared to the weather, providing energy-use forecasts for the next month - and suggested improvements. WeatherBug Home is a complete Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM) service that optimizes residential thermostat set-points for EE every day, and DR when necessary offering flexibility to layer on analytics-informed behavioral EE techniques, variable rates or Peak Time Rebates (PTRs).

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