Sunday, July 03, 2016

HTC Puts Together $10BN VR Investment Alliance

“The big change in VR for 2016 has been the availability or pending availability of VR headsets from companies such as Facebook (Oculus Rift), Google (Google Cardboard) and HTC (Vive). Sony PlayStation VR is expected to be released in October. We expect gamers to be the initial market for VR,” explained Barbara Kraus, director of research, Parks Associates and an author of the VR report. “VR is an immersive experience, and more is better for gamers - more immersion, better sound, better graphics, and more players. The mass market is more likely to adopt mobile VR, which will be less expensive and uses a tool - the smartphone - that the majority of US consumers own.”

From the article "HTC Puts Together $10BN VR Investment Alliance" by Michelle Clancy.

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