Tuesday, April 01, 2014

How to Build a Better Athlete

Those are three new technology-based approaches to tweaking athletic performance. The race in this market is just getting started.

Dallas-based market researcher Parks Associates uses the phrase “connected wellness devices” to describe internet-connected activity trackers, pedometers, heart-rate monitors, and similar gadgets. By the end of 2015, Parks Associates forecasts that the market for connected wellness devices could be as high as $2 billion.

“Connected” is the key phrase. Fitness technology to boost athletic performance is enhanced by internet connectivity. As devices are connected to larger databases and social networks, athletes can make more meaningful comparisons.

Even employers and insurance companies may soon buy fitness trackers for their employees and insured clients to reinforce the idea that lifestyle and health choices can improve over time, says Harry Wang, director of health and mobile product research for Parks Associates.

From the article, "How to Build a Better Athlete" by Phil Harvey.

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