Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How Are U.S. Consumers Using Online Digital Services?

Parks Associates has created this infographic recently that shows how heads of U.S. broadband households are using online digital health tools and services.

But a more detailed blog post from the market intelligence company provides a more specific answer about what specific activities U.S. consumers have performed under the overall umbrella of online health services. The answers are based on a survey the company conducted in the fourth quarter of last year and the infographic is based on that.

Here's what Parks Associates asked consumers and how they responded:

Look at the top three answers in terms of the green percentages. Health and wellness - and most likely weight loss - is on minds of consumers foremost as 38% responded that they engaged in looking up health or nutrition information online through an app at least one day in the past 12 months.

The next is somewhat surprising in that it ranks higher than some of the other activities - 27% said that they used a website or an app provided by healthcare professional or health insurance company.

And then 25% said they used a smartphone or tablet app to pursue health goals to manage a health condition - perhaps this is the area where those concerned with managing chronic diseases, including costs associated with it, are waiting to see the needle move more. The more patients are engaged with their own health, the less challenging it is for physicians and others to make them comply and adhere to their care regimen.

From the article, "How Are U.S. Consumers Using Online Digital Services?" by Arundhati Parmar. 

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