Friday, May 21, 2010

Home Technology Attracts Buyers

Research by Parks Associates, Dallas, Texas, demonstrates technology in the home—in this case, security systems—is an area where homebuyers have continued to allocate resources during the down economy. The study shows the average security system monitoring fee in U.S. households increased 15%, from $28.60 in 2008 to $32 in 2010.

However, despite overall curbed consumer spending, revenues from home monitoring systems remained stable, and even grew. Home security companies seem to have avoided the worst of the recession due to a core of consumers who value the technology enough to offset higher monthly costs, according to the research firm.

Specifically, Tricia Parks, CEO, Parks Associates, points to IP-based technologies, which will open the door to new, nontraditional companies in all industries.

From the article, "Home Technology Attracts Buyers"

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