Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Home Sweet Home

"This industry is at least a $1-billion industry," says Kurt Scherf, vice president of research at Parks Associates, a market research and consulting firm that provides information on emerging residential, small office and light commercial technologies.  "Penetration of any type of home automation is going to range from three percent of all U.S. households for more advanced entertainment controllers to up to 15-20 percent to some very basic X10 controllers."

.... "For the longest time, a lot of these products have been custom installed, quite expensive and very complex.  The industry has for years tried to find this base package of what is going to sell to consumers," explains Scherf, who believes that a possible approach is for the industry to sell items in groups, like simple lighting controls, a programmable thermostat and possibly a Web-enabled camera.

"There has been a number of attempted trends or people who have started to establish trends since the industry was born about 30 to 40 years ago.  I think there is clearly work on the part of both security system manufacturers, like Napco, GE Interlogix and ADEMCO, in addition to companies that have traditionally been in the control space, maybe Lutron, Vantage, to make sure the products are working together.  I think the efforts moving forward will be a little more focused and I think you will start to see more true integration."

From the article "Home Sweet Home," by Paul Grossinger.


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