Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home networking market growing in spurts

At the Consumer Electronics Show this coming January research firm Parks Associates will host a day-long Connections Summit dedicated to analyzing market trends and strategies for connected consumer electronic devices including tablets, smartphones, and video services.

Participants will include Intel and home entertainment connections provider Rovi, Best Buy, and other home network entertainment leaders as well as vendors of 'smart energy' products and networks such as Direct Energy and eMeter Corp.

At this week's Connections Europe, Parks' vice president and principal analyst Kurt Scherf predicted that by 2015, 80 percent of the seven billion connected nodes worldwide will be connected consumer electronics and mobile devices.

A Parks Associates study reveals 52 percent of consumers in U.S. households with broadband are interested in using their mobile phone to catch up on primetime television programming.

"These devices become extensions to the television experience. Multiple industries must work together to build the appropriate technologies and define new business models," said Scherf.

From the article, "Home networking market growing in spurts" by Nicolas Mokhoff

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