Health & Wellness Devices within Wearables Market Represent a Huge Opportunity for OEMs

by Parks Associates | Aug. 28, 2014

In a new article for TWICE magazine, Parks Associates director of research Harry Wang outlines the wearables market potential for device OEMs. Fitness and health trackers currently represent the most popular category within the wearables market, he says, but they are also subject to obstacles that can block the growth of adoption.

Most notably, fitness and health wearables face an obstacle common to all fitness devices—they are at the mercy of users’ motivations. The device will be used only for as long as users stay dedicated to their fitness or health regimen. As a result, these devices must offer the right balance of value and ease-of-use to keep the wearer engaged and interested.

Wang provides additional recommendations for device OEMs and others interested in breaking into this highly competitive market. He concludes with a forecast on the global sales of connected digital fitness trackers—22 million units in 2014, representing 52% of all digital fitness tracker unit sales.

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Harry Wang leads Parks Associates' digital health research program, which studies health and wellness, accountable care organization, digital health technology, and wearable computing. He will be speaking at and moderating several sessions during the inaugural Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers, taking place next week (September 4-5) in San Diego. More information about the conference, including a list of confirmed speakers and the official schedule of events, can be found by clicking here.

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