Friday, April 08, 2016

Health 2.0: Connecting The Dots Between Technology, Care Providers And Patients

The connected health ecosystem is growing rapidly, with the rise in wearable technologies and internet of things (IoT). In addition, over 50 percent of hospitals now use three or more connected health technologies such as patient portals, patient education/engagement apps, remote patient monitoring and others, according to a survey. However, there is still a long way to go to strike the right balance between healthcare providers, technology providers, and to educate patients on what is available.

That’s because the early adopters of new connected health technologies largely represent health-conscious, but not necessarily unhealthy, consumers. A key challenge for the healthcare industry in 2016 is to develop strategies to engage other segments of the population. According to a white paper on the connected health market by Parks Associates, 30 percent of consumers aged 18-24 who have chronic conditions do not have a primary care doctor, and 55 percent of US broadband households have a head of household with at least one chronic condition.

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