Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gossip on TV apps

Smartphone/tablet users are getting into TV-content apps, according to a Parks Associates study. The most-common consumer activities with such apps are watching video, looking up information related to programming, plus purchasing related music or merchandise. Television audiences also use them for their utility in checking broadcast times. The research, TV Channel & Network App Users, also finds millennials have greater interest in programme/channel-specific apps than older consumer segments. Shows like Gossip Girl, which target millennial audiences, are savvy in developing an app which enables viewers to watch TV show-related video and to virtually tour programme locations.

“The latest round of apps is from content providers, not satellite and cable-TV companies,” says John Barrett, director, consumer analytics, Parks. “They want to increase viewer loyalty to their shows and enhance the viewing experience with second-screen activities, and it is working, especially among millennials.”

“Companies in the television industry are experimenting with several approaches to TV-related apps for mobile devices,” said Brett Sappington, director, research, Parks Associates. “Some are already noting several benefits, including greater viewer immersion, the ability to appeal to viewers outside of the broadcast window, and new aspects to storytelling. However, the most important implication may be for advertising. As consumers increasingly tune into mobile devices during commercial breaks, these apps provide a way to keep viewer attention.”

From the article, "Gossip on TV apps."

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