Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Google’s Chromecast Rises To Become Second Biggest Selling Streaming Device

Streaming is big business now. Since the internet came about and companies like Netflix introduced the world to subscription based content, streaming has taken over. Whats more is, this trend is likely to continue for years to come. A report today by Parks Associates suggests 10% of broadband households have purchased a streaming device so far in 2014. Although 10% might not sound a lot, it is wise to remember that this statistic is based on how many were purchased this year alone. As such it does not represent, in any way the number of streaming and media devices out there. Just what was purchased this year. Furthermore, the report goes on to suggest that this figure is only for the first three quarters of 2014 and has already equaled the total for 2013. As such it is not too far fetched to look at the increase year-on-year to being somewhere around the 25% marker.

The report does not end there though. In terms of what is actually selling, the Roku still seems to be the biggest selling device occupying 29% of the overall sales for this year. However, interestingly Google’s Chromecast is catching up quick already reaching the 20% marker. It is worth noting Chromecast has now surpassed Apple TV, which so far this year comes in positioned in third place with 17%. Just as interesting, is the newest addition to the market the Amazon Fire TV is already notching up 10% of overall sales.

From the article "Google’s Chromecast Rises To Become Second Biggest Selling Streaming Device" by John Anon.

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