Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Google’s Chromecast Overtakes Apple TV In Market Share

This year marked a massive expansion within the streaming tech field; with the launch of the Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV adding to the existing products (Roku and Apple TV dominating the market in 2012 and 2013), heavy hitters like Apple are starting to be overwhelmed.

Parks Associates, a market research company, recently released a report showing that 10% of all broadband households purchased some form of streaming device in 2014, pointing to the significant growth in the overall market; the report goes on to show how Roku, while still owning the market at 29%, has had a significant drop in sales in the past year and tech giant Apple (17%) has been surpassed by Chromecast (20%).

The Chromecast’s affordable approach to streaming has made the product a perfect impulse buy: while most set-top streaming boxes cost in and around $100, the much more compact “streaming stick” model Google went with can perform the majority of a full box’s functions, but it costs a much more reasonable $35. Roku also offers a streaming stick ($40), as well as fourth place competitor Amazon with their Amazon Fire TV Stick ($39), although they also offer full size boxes where Google does not. Google’s relentlessly consistent content updates that are pushed to the Chromecast have also undoubtedly contributed to the device’s success.

From the article "Google’s Chromecast Overtakes Apple TV In Market Share" by Matthew Parillo.

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