Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Global broadband penetration to exceed 650m households

More than 650 million households across the globe will have broadband access by the end of the year.

The number of households with access to broadband is set to continue heading upwards throughout 2013, new estimates suggest.

According to figures from Parks Associates, more than 650 million households across the globe will be making use of the high-speed internet connections before the end of the year.

Statistics also indicated that almost 430 million households around the world will be using a data network during 2013.

Furthermore, estimates suggest that the number of residential gateways and routers deployed by broadband service providers across the globe will go up from 75 million in 2012 to 120 million by 2017.

The report from Parks Associates noted consumers are becoming increasingly keen to make use of "new technologies and devices".

However, it pointed out they are often "reluctant to incur additional service fees, especially as they receive multiple offerings from many different providers".

Parks Associates said this means businesses need to ensure consumers get a "clear value proposition on core functions", as otherwise they are unlikely to start "adding additional features".

The organisation went on to stress that service providers and manufacturers of consumer electronics need to make sure their offerings "remain relevant to the connected consumer".

From the article, "Global broadband penetration to exceed 650m households" by Paul France.

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