Monday, October 27, 2014

Gadget Gyaan

A HDMI streaming stick is something that you can plug into the back of your HDMI TV, which will enable you to stream live TV shows, games, movies and music from the net or subscribed services. Some of these come with remotes that let you navigate through the streaming, while some have mobile phone apps that act as a remote. The best example of this would be the Google Chromecast. There are many other such dongles like Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. A recent survey done by Parks Associates survey says that over 25 per cent of US households will have a streaming media player by 2015. The simple user interface and the fact that you can use these gadgets to watch your favourite movies or tv shows without any interruption is an added advantage. They do not come at an expensive rate and are quite affordable.

From the article "Gadget Gyaan."


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