Saturday, October 04, 2014

Facebook Messenger Becomes Top Messenger App in US

Facebook’s Messenger app is now the most downloaded Messenger app in the US, market research company Parks Associates has found.

While Facebook have attracted user backlash and criticism in response to their recent decision to force mobile Facebook users to download and use the Facebook Messenger app, instead of being able to send messages within the Facebook app, this has worked out in their favour. The app has been downloaded onto millions of devices, and is high up in the charts of both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

However, there is a small number of users who are adamantly refusing to download the app, believing it unfair for Facebook to force them into downloading an unnecessary app that will take up more space on their phone. The permissions the Messenger app requires have also been criticised, with many users not wishing to give Facebook certain access to their devices.

But even with these protests of users who refuse to download the app, Facebook Messenger is still the top messenger app in the United States. Market research company Parks Associates has found that 53 percent of messenger app users in the US are using Facebook Messenger, making it the most popular option for mobile messaging. The app was followed closely by Skype, which is used by 45% of messenger app users. Parks Associate research analyst Tejas Mehta stated in a company release that the two apps “are dominant in this high-growth area.”

From the article "Facebook Messenger Becomes Top Messenger App in US" by Lisa Ferlazzo.

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