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Monday, September 20, 2010

Exploring Smart Grid Tech at the Shanghai World Expo

The “Magic Box” inside State Grid Corporation of China’s pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo has already attracted more than 2.6 million visitors with a Disney-meets-Star-Wars explosion of color and lights. This 4,000-meter Magic Box provides an opportunity for expo visitors to experience smart grid technologies and a look at how smart communities and smart homes of the future will impact their lives.

A case study of the Magic Box as a consumer engagement tool is featured in the impressive new report, “Accelerating Successful Smart Grid Pilots” from Accenture and the World Economic Forum. That’s because the authors engaged over 60 industry, policy and regulatory stakeholders in their mission, which was to assess real-world smart grid pilots to identify factors that contribute to their success (or otherwise).

The result is a thought-provoking analysis packed with lessons learned and strong recommendations in several key areas. Examples include:

-- Consumer-centric pilots call for a more interactive approach, presenting utilities and retailers with a unique opportunity to interact with customers and share the benefits of smart technologies.
-- During a Duke Energy home energy management pilot, analysis of data received from the calls indicated that the technology being used required significantly more education of the consumer to enable them to effectively use the technology.
-- Business customers are often more sensitive to price and open to innovative product and service offerings that help increase profitability.

Where will the next smart grid technologies be displayed?

To read the entire Smart Grid News article by Liz Enbysk, click here.

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