Thursday, February 19, 2009

Europe not yet warming to broadband video

Vnunet.comResearcher firm Parks Associates said that a recent survey of broadband users in Europe found that just one in five have watched a film or television program online in the past six months.

The survey studied both the viewing habits and preferences of broadband users in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. The results showed that while they are not watching films online, users overwhelmingly preferred to watch films in the cinema or wait for a film or programme to air on television.

Respondents in the UK cited television and cinema as the favored methods of viewing, followed by DVD sales and DVD rentals. Users in Spain overwhelmingly preferred cinema, while Germans showed a preference for television broadcasts and DVD purchases. Parks Associates research director John Barrett said the findings could present new challenges to companies and studios looking to invest in broadband video projects. "It will be difficult for companies to sell video streams and downloads to consumers in Europe when there is this undercurrent of reluctance," said Barrett. "Even if all piracy issues are resolved, the realities of consumer preferences could still undermine the service plans of content providers, if they don’t understand their customers."

From the article, "Europe not yet warming to broadband video" by Shaun Nichols


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