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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Europe must create a brand image of trust and security: Insights from Dassault Systèmes

Olivier Ribet, Vice President of High Tech Industry—Dassault Systèmes, answers the following industry questions prior to the 2015 CONNECTIONS Europe event taking place 10-11 November in Amsterdam:

What challenges does Europe face with rolling out new smart home & connected entertainment services?

  • Consumers will want 0 defect products while offering a limited and well-defined set of use data.
  • Consumer OEMs and Equipment providers need to:
  • Fully understand the customer experiences delivered by their connected products
  • Accelerate their capability in managing the system and system-of-system level complexities of their connected products 
  • Rapidly transform the finding from the product data as well as from many other sources for the purpose of new product development
  • Combined with the consumer challenge mentioned above, they will have to focus on creating a brand image of trust and security to their customers.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing your company in the next 12 months?

  • Attract and hire enough talents in new engineering disciplines that our customers will require from us (nanoscale, systems engineering etc. )
  • Partner quicker with large Consulting and Systems integrator Firms involved in large scale business transformations projects

How will companies leverage the growth in the market in the next 12 months? What is the impact of the Internet Giants (Google, Amazon) getting involved in the market?

  • The consumer OEMs we work with strongly invest in organizational agility across the entire value chain and across all disciplines
  • They invest in Systems Engineering capability
  • They apply state-of-the-art variant management and modularization strategies, both to their offerings as well as to new services and content

Olivier will be speaking at the panel session “Integrating IoT into Smart Home & Entertainment Platforms” on 11 November at 16:45.

For more information on the agenda for CONNECTIONS Europe, visit www.connectionseurope.com

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