Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dish Network Continues to Make Money Despite Customer and Employee Hatred

That practice, however, seems much more likely to eventually impact the higher-priced cable and even DirecTV customers as the savings from eliminating Dish is simply not as large. That said, for all the media hype surrounding the idea that customers will ditch cable and satellite services in droves, in reality, that has yet to happen.

"In 2014, U.S. cable, satellite, and telco TV are expected to end the year with 103.1 million subscribers, up just a smidge from 102.5 million last year, according to a new study by Parks Associates," Variety reported in January. And, the article continued, that subscriber loss for cable over the past few years has occurred "as consumers have switched to satellite and telco providers."

Those numbers suggest that while Dish may not have to clear space on its bulletin board for thank-you letters from satisfied customers, it's actually doing well -- and should continue to do well -- not matter how much its customers and employees dislike it.

From the article, "Dish Network Continues to Make Money Despite Customer and Employee Hatred" by Daniel Kline.

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