Monday, October 14, 2019

Device UI Important to Consumers When Making a Purchase: Parks

Parks Associates' research found that an easy-to-navigate UI is crucial for attracting new customers. Asked about UI, 70% of consumer electronics purchasers said ease-of-use was "very important" to them when making a purchase. Ease-of-use is more important to women and older consumers. Apple TV and Roku got strong ratings for their UIs, while Chromecast did poorly.

When looking for something to stream, only 12% use a service's content recommendations as their first step. However, nearly half of OTT customers who recommend their service cite being able to discover new content is one of the top 3 features.

Parks said one-fifth of people cancelling an OTT subscription did so at least partly because they couldn't find anything to watch.

From the article "Device UI Important to Consumers When Making a Purchase: Parks" by Troy Dreier.

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