Thursday, December 05, 2013

Dell beats Apple: Mac the most desired for Christmas

That 2013 will be a Christmas banner of the bitten apple. According to research from Parks Associates , Macs are in fact the most wanted computer for the holiday period coming up, at least in the United States. One thing that surprised because, although for many years the iDevice are among the most popular to put under the tree, so it has never been for desktops and laptops in Cupertino.

But it is not everything, because Parks Associates also measured two other product categories where, once again, the apple has no rival. The whole family iPad dominates tablet in fact the sector, followed by the Amazon Kindle , the Galaxy Tab from Samsung and Microsoft Surface. Apple TV , however, it beats every competitor on the list of devices dedicated to domestic streaming or. The forecasts are however to be taken with the tongs nearly, as the company points out, because consumers are still in time to change your mind:

"Being the favorite brand is certainly an advantage, but consumers can still change your mind. For example, for the player and streaming Apple is the brand of choice, but buyers are preferring Roku lately. Last year, buyers among young people (18-34) for this device has 34% planned to buy an Apple product, 15% of a Roku. In a subsequent survey on actual purchases, 24% bought an Apple TV and a Roku 29%. "

From the article, "Dell beats Apple: Mac the most desired for Christmas" by Mark Grigis.


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