Friday, January 01, 2016

Cord Cutters And 'Cord Nevers' Swimming In A Sea Of Streaming Options

"Consumers, by and large, are delighted by the opportunity to get more control," said Brett Sappington, director of research of Parks Associates. "But the challenge comes from finding all of that content. You have to go into each service to find out if the content you want to see is available."
Parks Associates estimates that 98 million homes in the U.S. have high-speed Internet connections. Now, an estimated 15% of American adults are considered "cord cutters," people like Hartstein who dropped their pay-TV subscription, according to a Pew Research Center report in late December.

From the article "Cord Cutters And 'Cord Nevers' Swimming In A Sea Of Streaming Options" by Matt Rourke.


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