Friday, April 17, 2015

Consumers Concerned About IoT Data, Privacy

The companies behind the growing Internet of Things may have to do a little consumer massaging (and messaging) to allay some deep concerns before their products can reach heavy adoption.

Nearly half (47%) of U.S. consumers with broadband access are concerned about privacy and security when it comes to smarthome devices, according to new research from Parks Associates. Consumers were equally concerned with both hackers compromising the devices themselves and accessing company-collected data gleaned from those devices, says Tom Kerber, director of research for home controls and energy at Parks Associates.

“Recent high-profile media reports of hacks into smart baby monitors and connected cars, whether valid or not, have heightened consumer concerns over privacy and security for connected home systems,” Kerber says. “Companies need to move quickly to reinforce the security of their solutions as well as ensure the consumer's right to privacy.” 

From the article "Consumers Concerned About IoT Data, Privacy" by Aaron Baar.

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