Friday, January 29, 2010

Consumer preferences for PC tech support in Europe vary greatly, says Parks Associates

Consumer preferences for PC tech support in Europe vary greatly among service providers, manufacturers, and independent companies, according to industry analyst Parks Associates. The upshot: the European markets are far different than the U.S. market with its high visibility brands like Geek Squad(TM).

Parks Associates’ latest study, Customer Support in the Digital Home: Europe, finds European households vary significantly in their preferences for PC tech support, indicating the market for support providers could be much more diverse and competitive in Europe than in the U.S.

TekratiThere are significant opportunities for companies from varied backgrounds – including retailers, service providers, PC OEMs, CE manufacturers, and independent support providers – to start building market momentum for their technical support services,” said Kurt Scherf, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates. “Backend providers could work with a variety of partners across Europe to deploy white-labeled technical support services.”

Scherf added that broadband service providers in the U.K. and France in particular have established reputations for providing extensive technical support services, which they can expand into nontraditional support areas.

“There is strong consumer demand for features that help them manage the complexity of their digital lifestyles,” Scherf said. “Broadband service providers have a unique opportunity to grow support services, but they will face increasing competition from a number of new entrants in the next few years.”

From the article, "Consumer preferences for PC tech support in Europe vary greatly, says Parks Associates"

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