Monday, November 02, 2015

Connected health: An emerging driver to deliver on healthcare's Triple Aim

Access to patient-generated data from digital-health devices, however, provides verifiable, real-time updates that can help physicians better manage patients and lead to improved patient outcomes. When receiving data in real time, clinicians can analyze patient progress and intervene before a negative health event; this can also be automated with analytic and business intelligence software. In addition, when patient-generated data is combined with electronic medical record (EMR) data, clinicians then have a holistic view into patient activities within and outside of the provider setting. In fact, research recently released from Parks Associates confirms that healthcare professionals see EMR and device-generated data as the two most valuable data sources for the healthcare industry. Such data supports the delivery of personalized medicine and value-based care.

From the article "Connected health: An emerging driver to deliver on healthcare's Triple Aim" by Ryan Beckland.


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