Smart Home Companies Look to Drive Smart Home Device Demand at CES 2021

by Tam Williams | Jan. 18, 2021

Parks Associates data finds one-third of smart device owners in US broadband households have increased usage of their devices during the COVID-19 pandemic, including 46% of smart door lock owners.

Brand announcements at CES 2021 last week revealed companies are continuing to develop products in efforts to drive demand in the smart home ecosystem during COVID-19 and beyond. Among the latest announcements, Parks Associates found these noteworthy:

  •, who participated in Parks Associates’ CONNECTIONS™ Summit, a CES partner program, announced its Touchless Video Doorbell. As its name implies, the doorbell rings when the accompanying camera detects visitors. assures that the doorbell is intelligent enough to avoid unnecessary ringing by sensing the difference between humans, animals, and objects. 
  • Samsung announced its Jetbot 90 AI+, the industry’s first smart robotic vacuum to be powered by Intel® AI. The vacuum’s intelligent navigation relies on LiDAR sensors (similar to technology used in self-driving cars), which allow distance detection of up to 20 feet and 360 degree rotation that allows access to unreachable spaces. The inclusion of Intel® AI gives the vacuum object recognition capabilities that recognize common household items, such as sofas, tables, cords, lamps, and more.
  • While new smart lock announcements were skim, LOCKLY and DEN SmartStrike revealed brand new products in the category. DEN’s Smartstrike is a CES Innovation Awards 2021 Honoree and is the very first wireless, smart door strike. The electric strike plate communicates with smartphones through Bluetooth LE, Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Wi-fi to allow remote access. Den plans to debut SmartStrike during Q2 2021.
  • LOCKLY’s new Duo and Guard smart locks allow users to lock the deadbolt and latch simultaneously, in person or through the LOCKLY app. The locks also provide security features that include a hack-proof touchscreen keypad and a biometric fingerprint sensor.

Parks Associates’ CONNECTIONS™ Community will feature year-round CONNECTIONS™ 2021 virtual conference and networking sessions focused on smart home, security, services, and connected products. The sessions, from March to November, will highlight Parks research and bring together industry leaders to discuss the current and future landscapes of the smart home ecosystem.

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