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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Closed Business Models Threaten the Smart Home

Suke Jawanda, Chief Marketing Officer at Bluetooth SIG, answers the following industry question: “What do you think is the most challenging issue for your company as it relates to the connected home?”

One of the bigger challenges I see preventing the smart home from scaling up and reaching its full potential is expensive, closed business models. For the past 50 years, companies touted smart homes as "the next big thing." You saw this with all the cool kitchen gadgets from the 50’s and 60’s like the RCA-Whirlpool Miracle Kitchen. But just like these concepts, the smart home of today is gridlocked by business models employing niche wireless technology that only connects to limited devices that are typically expensive, inconvenient, complicated by professional installations, and burdened with rigid service provider contracts. This is a recipe for a limited ecosystem in the connected home.

We’re on the cusp of changing this in a big way and in doing so, will finally enable the Smart Home through a diverse set of service providers, retailers, application developers and device manufacturers who can bring convenience, efficiency and security of Smart Home to the masses. Bluetooth Smart allows the industry and consumers to connect with billions of devices right out of the box including the phone and tablet the consumer already has in the palm of their hand. This broad interoperability empowers the consumer with a Bring Your Own Device and Pick Your Own Service Provider model.  

Bluetooth SIG will be part of the 2014 CONNECTIONS Conference panel "Wearable Computing: Driving New Connected Home Experiences" on May 13. Other speakers on this panel include Epson, Qualcomm, and Plantronics.

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