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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Changing the Way Consumers View Energy Management: Insights from People Power’s Gene Wang

Gene Wang, CEO at People Power, responds to the industry question: “What do you think is the most challenging issue for your company as it relates to the residential energy management market?”

An inconvenient truth about the average consumer today is that they are not passionate about inconveniencing themselves in order to save a few dollars. And they are generally not willing to pay money for a lower priority benefit of energy conservation. This was a tremendous challenge which almost brought People Power to its knees a few years ago. 

In response, People Power developed its Presence product around values that are critically important to most people: the safety and security of their homes and the welfare of their kids and pets when they're away, while positioning energy management as a secondary benefit. 

People Power has also employed gamification techniques to engage and educate people about their energy spending.  Weekly energy challenges are offered where participants can win points that convert to prizes. Throughout this engaging process, consumers can begin to see the effects of their diminishing power use on their energy bills and become interested–even passionate–about managing their home energy for the first time. By freely providing people with fun activities, data-driven insights, and the knowledge to make real-time changes in energy–while giving people the ability to remotely check on their homes and loved ones–People Power is reshaping the way consumers approach energy management.

Gene Wang will be speaking during the “Consumer Engagement Strategies: IoT and Energy Value Proposition” at 11:00 AM during Smart Energy Summit in Austin, TX, February 17, 2015. Other speakers include representatives from DR2, DTE Energy, and PlanetEcosystems.

For more information on Smart Energy Summit speakers, sessions, or topics, visit www.ses2015.com. Register to attend today!

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