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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Challenges and Opportunities of Integrating a Comprehensive Energy Solution

Smart home systems providers vary in their strategies to provide home energy management solutions. At Smart Energy Summit, speakers on the session “Integrating Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions into Smart Home Systems” focused on the perceived value of services for home energy management solutions, as well as benefits, challenges, and future strategies in integrating energy information with smart home solutions. Participants include:

  • Ramon Alvarez, Senior Director, SmartThings
  • Landon Borders, Director of Connected Devices, Haiku Home by Big Ass Solutions
  • Kris Bowring, Director of Business and Channel Development, Lowe's Companies, Inc.
  • Letha McLaren, Chief Marketing Officer, Icontrol Networks
  • Wannie Park, VP of Utility Solutions, CEIVA Energy

Five key takeaways from the session included:

  1. Security and convenience are the key drivers for adoption of new energy management solutions.Security has always been a top market driver, with 85% of the population understanding what security products are/do.
  2. Understanding the value proposition for the consumer on the product level is critical to adding features and capabilities.At the end of the day, customers only care about dollars and how much they are saving.
  3. The future may be a hub-less world.The hub is a necessary bridge for now, but connectivity for interoperability will soon be embedded in devices or moved to the cloud. Hubs can be embedded in the router, set top box, home security panel, etc. For the next few years, protocols will still require a hub until we have more consolidation or integration of protocols.
  4. To create more meaningful value propositions, more data needs to be sharedfrom fans, thermostats, and energy companies to address more thoughtful use cases.
  5. There is still too much friction with obtaining energy billing data information for consumers to integrate with energy management.Consumers don’t currently engage around energy management as much as they could without pricing and billing info. Instead, they engage more around controls.

For more information about Smart Energy Summit, or to download the Event Summary, Click Here.

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