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12-14% of UK broadband households say they are very familiar with networked cameras or smart door locks

Research firm announces CONNECTIONS™ Europe: Strategies for Security and Smart Home Topics

Parks Associates today announced the topics for the 14th-annual CONNECTIONS™ Europe: Strategies for Security and Smart Home, with a core focus on the advancements and growth of smart home, security, connected health, and energy management solutions in Europe. Parks Associates research shows 12-14% of UK broadband households say they are very familiar with networked cameras or smart door locks, but a slightly higher percentage of households consider the benefits of these devices to be very valuable.

Early event sponsors include Alarm.com, ULE Alliance, and Universal Electronics Inc.

“In the US, consumers are experimenting with single-device purchases and creating a smart home experience in addition to home systems and controls through security and service providers,” said Elizabeth Parks, President, Parks Associates. “The approaches to securing smart home devices and applications will continue to grow in Europe as it has in the US. We are excited to announce the topics for our annual CONNECTIONS™ Europe Conference, with sessions tackling the challenges in growing the smart home, security, energy and consumer health markets in Europe.”

 Parks Associates UK Smart Home Chart  

Event Topics include:

Smart Home Channels: Moving to Mass Market

  • Evolution of Retailers and Smart Home Merchandising
  • Insurance and Smart Home Products
  • DIY and Expanding Home Security Use Cases
  • Role of Service Providers in the EU Smart Home

Smart Home and IoT: Present and Future Innovations

  • Smart Home Platforms: Building Service Revenues
  • Data Security and Privacy: Empowering Consumers
  • Interoperability: Technology Convergence and Expanding the Smart Home
  • Converging Technology: Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning
  • Support and Installation: Making the Smart Home Work
  • Voice and UI Innovations
  • Ensuring a Premium Home Network and Wi-Fi Experience

Business Models, Consumer Engagement, Value-Added Services

  • Smart Home: Standalone Devices versus Whole Home Systems
  • Business Model Innovations in the Smart Home
  • Connected Entertainment and Smart Home: Bridging Parallel Ecosystems
  • Smart Healthcare for Connected Consumers
  • Energy Management Solutions: Smart Home Crossover

Early sponsors include Alarm.com, ULE Alliance, and Universal Electronics Inc.

To request research data or an interview, contact Sherrelle Lewis at sherrelle.lewis@parksassociates.com, 972-996-0214.


CONNECTIONS™ Europe: Strategies for Security and Smart Home will be a virtual conference taking place 10-12 November 2020, as part of the CONNECTIONS™ Community. This virtual conference and networking experience will host multiple webinars leading up to the November event, with analyst insights, interactive panels, roundtable discussions, and special networking, taking place July 15, July 29, Aug 19, Sept 16, Oct 7, and Oct 28.

Produced by Parks Associates, the 14th annual CONNECTIONS™ Europe is an executive conference focused on innovative business models, industry partnerships, and technology advancements for smart home solutions, cloud services, and value-added services, including energy management and connected health services.

CONNECTIONS™ Europe combines networking opportunities with visionary keynotes and conference sessions focused on technology adoption and trends, product and service forecasts, evaluation of new business strategies, and recommendations for strategic partnerships and monetization opportunities. http://www.connectionseurope.com

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