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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Care Innovations: Simple apps that fit into consumer lifestyles drive the biggest growth

Frank Napoleon, Director - Monitoring Innovations at Intel-GE Care Innovations, answers several industry questions before participating in the 2016 CONNECTIONS Summit, taking place January 6-7, 2016 during CES in Las Vegas: 

What is the most important next step to engage consumers in smart home solutions, connected entertainment services, and/or value-added services like tech support and connected health?

Keep it simple and relevant for the average consumer; help people with chronic disease live a healthier life without requiring too much change

What is the biggest challenge your company faces in 2016?

Helping customers discover ROI models which fit provider reimbursement and their unique business structure

What is the biggest driver for the connected consumer market?

Simple apps that fit people’s lifestyles and enhance them with real value

What are the most important initiatives your company is taking in 2016?

Scaling up our many large clients to help them reach more and more people with their successful programs 

Describe your vision for the smart home and entertainment markets in 2020. 

Individually tailored care programs based on combination of actual diet, behaviors, and med adherence where clinicians and caregivers share information and communicate seamlessly with their patients and loved ones.

Frank Napoleon will be speaking during the session "Wearables: Healthcare, IoT, and Smart Home Use Cases" on January 6 at 10:30am. Other speakers confirmed on the panel include IFTTT, Honeywell Life Care Solutions, Lumo BodyTech, and Qualcomm. Add this session to your CES agenda!

For more information on the speakers involved in the 2016 CONNECTIONS Summit, visit www.connectionssummit.com.

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