Tuesday, November 06, 2012

BT Vision leads the way — sort of

IPTV services are going to increase in that timeframe, of that there is no doubt. A recent report from Parks Associates sees IPTV subs in the U.S. more than doubling by 2017, and there are plenty more surveys reaching the same conclusion.

The question is whether those services will be ahead of or behind the technology of the broadcast curve — providing 4K ahead of the traditional players or struggling to replace an increasingly beleaguered infrastructure to catch up — and exactly how many sports properties they will be clutching by then. Certainly, BT’s promise to Premiership Rugby that it will upgrade its club’s grounds to fibre networks as part of its deal suggests that the telco is in this particular game for the long haul.

From the article, "BT Vision leads the way — sort of" by Andy Stout. 

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