Thursday, January 04, 2001

Broadband Residential Market Nabs 24M users by 2004

New reports from Parks Associates say that the broadband consumer market will reach 24 million subscribers in four years, stating the obvious: that the Internet revolution is proceeding faster than most market watchers predicted.

Among the highlights of the Parks Associates research:

    * Household PC penetration will reach 71% by 2004 and household Internet penetration will reach 67% by that time. This latter figure represents a 72% increase from 1999’s penetration rate of 39%, researchers note.
    * At the end of September, more than 1.3 million U.S. households subscribed to some type of broadband Internet service (cable modems, DSL, satellite-based Internet access or broadband fixed wireless) with cable modem service claiming about 1 million of those subscribers.
    * The 24 million broadband Internet homes projected for 2004 accounts for 34% of all online households and 50% of residential Internet access revenues estimated for that year.
    * Of the 24 million broadband Internet households in 2004, 47% will use cable modems, 45% will employ DSL, and 8% will use a satellite or wireless service.

From the article "Broadband Residential Market Nabs 24M users by 2004."

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