Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blockbuster fighting back with new technologies

AustinKurt Scherf, principal analyst with Dallas-based market research firm Parks Associates, said Netflix and others simply adapted to changing trends faster than Blockbuster.

"Blockbuster had that opportunity a few years ago to set the standard," Scherf said. "I'm just amazed that they got passed so quickly by all these other players."

Blockbuster executives "really need to act now before Redbox really steps it up in that space, or they'll get left behind again," Scherf said.

Scherf said that if Blockbuster is going to find salvation in technology, it can't afford to merely duplicate something competitors are already doing.

"Somewhere in there, if the company is going to rebound, they have to have a vision about what's the next big thing," Scherf said.

From the article, "Blockbuster fighting back with new technologies" by Victor Godinez

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