Saturday, September 16, 2017

Apple TV 4K: Save your money

But if you must have 4K movies and you already default to iTunes for your movie purchases, then you might as well upgrade to the Apple TV 4K. The device’s high price tag is partially subsidized by Apple’s promise to upgrade all your iTunes-purchased HD movies to 4K. These theater-quality flicks will also be sold at HD prices going forward. So that’s something.

“The most significant part of this announcement is the range of 4K content Apple has lined up for the launch,” said Jennifer Kent, the director of research quality and product development for Parks Associates.

“Ultimately, Apple TV 4K may attract high-end users to the space or from competitors. But, the bulk of the market simply wants access to (over-the-top) video at the best price, and Apple doesn’t win share on price.”

From the article "Apple TV 4K: Save your money" by Jennifer Van Grove.

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