Thursday, July 10, 2014

Apple Still Treating Apple TV as a Hobby and it Shows

Today, a report h?? come out th?t shows Apple TV losing steam ?m?ng consumers, even ?? interest ?n set-top boxes rises. W?th th??? low numbers, ?t appears th?t Apple still considers th? streaming media player t? b? ???t a hobby.

Th? report, published b? market research firm Parks Associates, shows th?t interest ?n set-top boxes h??? grown significantly over th? past year ?nd ?n estimated 25 percent ?f U.S. households w?ll h??? a streaming media player b? 2015. Th? Roku m?d? up nearly half ?f ?ll devices ??r?h???d ?n th? U.S. ?n 2013 w?th 46 percent, wh?l? Apple w?? far behind w?th ?nl? 26 percent.

Th? report ?l?? ?h?w?d th?t Roku ?? th? m??t used set-top box ?n th? market. According t? Parks Associates, 44 percent ?f U.S. households ??? th??r Roku th? m??t, wh?l? ?nl? 26 percent ??? Apple TV th? m??t. Th?? gap h?? widened ?n th? past year. Last year’s report ?h?w?d 37 percent ?f households using Roku th? m??t ?nd 24 percent using Apple TV th? m??t.

From the article "Apple Still Treating Apple TV as a Hobby and it Shows" by Allan.


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