Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Apple Inc. Could Have Trouble Selling a $200 Apple TV

In the United States, Roku, Google , Amazon , and Apple accounted for 86% of the streaming device market last year, according to research firm Parks Associates.

Roku and Google's Chromecast were the market leaders in 2014, respectively accounting for 37% and 19% of streaming device usage in the United States. Apple TV ranked third with 17%, while Amazon came in fourth with 14%. But in terms of overall U.S. shipments, Apple slipped to fourth place, mainly because it didn't launch a new streaming device last year.

Prior to Google's launch of the Chromecast in July 2013, Parks Associates stated that Roku accounted for nearly half of all U.S. streaming shipments while Apple contributed over a fourth. This means that Chromecast's big gains reduced Roku and Apple's market shares. The Chromecast had two main selling points: its low price tag of $35 and its convenient dongle form factor. The success of the Chromecast forced both Roku and Amazon to launch comparably priced streaming sticks.

From the article "Apple Inc. Could Have Trouble Selling a $200 Apple TV" by Leo Sun.

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